20 Pieces Of Advice For Female Artists From Female Artists

Pearls of wisdom straight from flawless ladies of NYCC’s Artist’s Alley.

1. Karen Hallion

“Don’t be pressured to make your art more masculine to give it more ‘mass appeal’ Draw what you love, in your own style. Don’t compromise.”

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2. Sara Ho

“Don’t be a second grade somebody. Be original! Do what you want to do!”

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3. Janet Lee

“Don’t be afraid to tell the storied you want to tell or draw characters the way you want to draw them. There is a market for all kinds of stories, and we need to hear from all kinds of people.”

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4. Vanessa del Ray

“Draw, draw, draw.”

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5. Cathryn Virginia

“Foster a community around you of artists + creatives to encourage + inspire you is the best way to stay strong.”

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6. Liss West

“Do what you love. The rest will come! PERSIST.”

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7. Laura Lee Gulledge

“Always put yourself in places where you are the worst artist in the room.”

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8. Jessica Grundy

“Remember that you are not alone.”

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9. Mindy Indy

“Never give up doing what you love, even if it means encountering sometimes awkward/possibly sexist situations. It’s hard but think of all the women who came before us in cartooning + other careers, and think of all women in the future. Together, we can do it!!”

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10. Kiri Ostergaard Leonard

“When you start out as an artist your work will not be very good, that is okay! Keep practicing, be persistent and you will reach awesome!”

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11. Betsy Peterschimdt

“Your greatness is not measured by your success, but by how you rise from failure. Embrace failing!!”

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12. Chrissie Zullo

“Draw what you love, have fun, and draw, draw, draw everyday!!!”

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13. Newsha Ghasemi

“Don’t worry about being a girl. You’re not selling your sex. Just focus on your skill. That is all you need to contend.”

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14. Rachel Deering

“Forget your gender. What is between your legs has nothing to do with your talent. Go hard and earn respect!”

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15. Monica Gallagher

“Draw all the time and keep going despite any negativity.”

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16. Nicola Scott

“Be sure of your goals, go for them! But don’t be aggressive or defensive. Just be passionate.”

ID: 1794514

17. Diana Greenhalgh

“Forget your gender. So many people think that being female defines who we are, who we can be, and what we can do. It doesn’t. There is no gender, no sex. We are all artists, we are not only all fully capable, but we are, at the same time, unique talents. Our skills are what define us. We are artists. Get out there and be creative.”

ID: 1794595

18. Yasmin Liang

“Draw the work you want to be hired for.”

ID: 1794516

19. Sara Richard

“Lady creators - it doesn’t matter in this industry if you got boobs…just get yo shit done!”

ID: 1794517

20. Penelope Gaylord

“Do you. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.”

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All photos by BuzzFeed.

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