27 Times When Sterling Archer Was The Perfect Role Model

“Shoot bitch! Democracy is at stake!”

1. That time he cried over a grilled cheese.

ID: 1816343

2. That time he made a totally kawaii cat pun.

ID: 1816457

3. That time he tried to warn everyone about vermin.

ID: 1816494

4. That time he out top gunned Top Gun.

ID: 1816532

5. That time he lived on the edge.

ID: 1816557

6. That time he made an exception.

ID: 1816580

7. That time he knew some questions were best left unanswered.

ID: 1816609

8. That time he conveyed his condolences.

ID: 1816625

9. That time he was ever vigilant.

ID: 1816639

10. That time he tripped into an alternate universe.

ID: 1816714

11. That time he got Lana’s attention.

ID: 1816742

12. That time he was considerate enough to show up with booze.

ID: 1816766

13. That time he preached about the internet.

ID: 1816787

14. This time.

ID: 1816827

15. That time he preached about life.

ID: 1816842

16. That time he advocated for crazy straws.

ID: 1816855

17. That time he bravely fought back from the brink of death.

ID: 1816917

18. That time he validated your urge to sit around and eat delivery with no pants on.

ID: 1817018

19. That time he was really good at making friends.

ID: 1817056

20. That time he fostered a closer relationship with his mom.

ID: 1817078

21. That time he asked the tough questions.

ID: 1817150

22. That time he shot for the stars and got there.

ID: 1817156

23. That time he prayed to Bloody Marys everywhere.

ID: 1817205

24. That time he DEFENDED ‘MURICA.

ID: 1817253

25. That time he got too real with Burt Reynolds.

ID: 1817460

26. That time he administered bitch slaps as needed.

ID: 1817515

27. That he time he was just being honest.

ID: 1817527

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