27 Times When Sterling Archer Was The Perfect Role Model

“Shoot bitch! Democracy is at stake!”

1. That time he cried over a grilled cheese.

2. That time he made a totally kawaii cat pun.

3. That time he tried to warn everyone about vermin.

4. That time he out top gunned Top Gun.

5. That time he lived on the edge.

6. That time he made an exception.

7. That time he knew some questions were best left unanswered.

8. That time he conveyed his condolences.

9. That time he was ever vigilant.

10. That time he tripped into an alternate universe.

11. That time he got Lana’s attention.

12. That time he was considerate enough to show up with booze.

13. That time he preached about the internet.

15. That time he preached about life.

16. That time he advocated for crazy straws.

17. That time he bravely fought back from the brink of death.

18. That time he validated your urge to sit around and eat delivery with no pants on.

19. That time he was really good at making friends.

20. That time he fostered a closer relationship with his mom.

21. That time he asked the tough questions.

22. That time he shot for the stars and got there.

23. That time he prayed to Bloody Marys everywhere.

24. That time he DEFENDED ‘MURICA.

25. That time he got too real with Burt Reynolds.

26. That time he administered bitch slaps as needed.

27. That he time he was just being honest.

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