25 Pearls Of Wisdom From Rebel Wilson

“I feel the gangster spirit rise up in me.”

2. On celebrity look-a-likes.

3. On how to know if you’ve made it.

4. On where to get the best knuckle rings.

6. On making do in tough times.

7. On how you can make selfishness work for you.

9. On proper operatic technique.

10. On the greatest movie of all time ever, and if you disagree you’re just wrong.

Bonus! Spirit fingers.

12. On priorities and how to have them.

13. On the finer points of mermaid dancing.

15. On finding your true talents.

16. On the birthplace of all mankind.

17. On how to properly greet Olivia Newton John, Australian Icon.

20. On the frightening power of jealousy.

21. On visual striking cinema.

22. On the appropriate age to start being bad.

23. On the scientific technicalities of gaydar.

24. On the worst person to emulate while getting married.


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