25 Pearls Of Wisdom From Rebel Wilson

“I feel the gangster spirit rise up in me.”

1. On word choice.

ID: 799212

2. On celebrity look-a-likes.

ID: 801420

3. On how to know if you’ve made it.

ID: 799232

4. On where to get the best knuckle rings.

ID: 799238

5. Also necklaces.

ID: 799276

6. On making do in tough times.

ID: 799294

7. On how you can make selfishness work for you.

ID: 801416

8. On how to pick up American guys.

ID: 799336

9. On proper operatic technique.

ID: 801429

10. On the greatest movie of all time ever, and if you disagree you’re just wrong.

Bonus! Spirit fingers.

ID: 801619

11. On religion.

ID: 799350

12. On priorities and how to have them.

ID: 799364

13. On the finer points of mermaid dancing.

ID: 799415

14. Also pirate dancing.

ID: 801444

15. On finding your true talents.

ID: 799491

16. On the birthplace of all mankind.

ID: 801436

17. On how to properly greet Olivia Newton John, Australian Icon.

ID: 801572

18. On just saying no.

ID: 799439

20. On the frightening power of jealousy.

ID: 801454

21. On visual striking cinema.

ID: 799530

22. On the appropriate age to start being bad.

ID: 801406

23. On the scientific technicalities of gaydar.

ID: 800002

24. On the worst person to emulate while getting married.

ID: 800228

25. On becoming a woman.

ID: 801461


ID: 801863

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