17 Pieces Of Harry Potter Bling That Can Charm Even Muggles

For when your love of HP can’t be contained.

1. I need these like I need Felix Felicis.

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ID: 3506118

2. Snitch my money away.

ID: 3506126


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ID: 3506130

4. Lemme ~upgrade~ you(r time turner).

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ID: 3506135

5. Stop. In the name of the Deathly Hallows.

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ID: 3506143

6. I will always reach for this necklace.

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ID: 3506161

7. Ravenclaws turn up. Revenclaws turn out.

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ID: 3506172

8. I wouldn’t smash this even if it was a horcrux.

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ID: 3506182

9. The earrings we need always have a way of coming to us in the end.

ID: 3506191

10. Time flies when you’re chasing high fashion.


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ID: 3507357

11. Deconstructed necklaces are the new black.

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ID: 3506375

12. If you’re not charmed by this bracelet, I can’t help you.

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ID: 3506393

13. A Hogwarts should be treasured, a Hogwarts letter should be worn.

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ID: 3506447

14. Simply studding.

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ID: 3506475

15. You’ll wish you turn back time so you could have owned these earrings sooner.

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ID: 3506523

16. Sorcerer meet stone. Sorcerer meet bling.

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ID: 3506715

17. It’s pronounced YAAAASSSSSS GIRL, not yes girl.

ID: 3506610

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