Racist Tweeted His Home Address On College Acceptance Letter

I responded to all the ignorant tweets about the Coke commercial during the superbowl with ‘Thanks for letting everyone know how stupid you are’ and this was just one of the people that started fighting with me. He said he was smarter than me and tweeted at me his acceptance letter to prove it…without bothering to mark out his name or home address. Very very smart move there, genius. “Erbie @erbie28 1h I will never buy another coke product in my life #MERICA”

1. EDIT: He deleted his tweet so I decided to mark out his personal information.

2. He keeps tweeting me for some reason…

He told me to change my tweet to say he was an asshole and not racist… but really, sharing the exact words you post in a public forum isn’t misrepresenting you in any way.

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