Stuffed Animals: Fun AND Functional!

Take an ordinary object, turn it into a stuffed animal, and voila! Instant… fun, I guess.

1. Seat Pets

How did we even survive before these were around? What did we do, just cuddle our seat belts?

2. Tummy Stuffers

No need for ordinary boxes, hampers, or bags — your plush pal is the perfect container for anything… even other toys!

3. Thermal-Aid Zoo

Because normal heating pads don’t soothe the emotional pain.

4. Stompeez

Not only do they keep your toes cozy, but now you can have a toy that smells like feet!

5. Pillow Pets

“Everyone needs a pillow. Why not have a fun pillow?” I can’t argue with that logic.

6. Shamzee

Too old for a Pillow Pet? How about just a pillow case? (Pillow not included.)

7. Flashlight Friends

“Kids love flashlights!” Wait… kids love flashlights?

8. Tummy Lites

If your kid is one of the few who doesn’t like flashlights, never fear — this one’s a lantern!

9. CuddleUppets

They’re not quite a blanket, not quite a puppet, but man… [chuckles]

So to answer your question, I don’t know.

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