23 Signs You Grew Up With AZN Pride

“Got rice?”

1. You had an AIM screenname that had the words “azn,” “boi,” “grl,” and/or “bby” in it.

ID: 2791742

2. …and you knew someone who tYpEd LyKe DiS.


Because it was probably you.

ID: 2791778

3. You remember (and knew all the words to) the “Got Rice?” song.

The song is probably already playing in your head.

ID: 2785645

4. You or someone you knew sported The Spikes.

Evan Agostini / Via Getty Images

Many a tub of hair gel died for this hairstyle. Also, +1 if you had frosted tips.

ID: 2785824

5. Hot Import Nights were the biggest events of the year.

Kalvin Chan / flic.kr

FotoSleuth / flic.kr


And every Integra-owner knew looking like a true import meant you had to replace the “Acura” logo with the “Honda” one.

ID: 2785842

6. You still know Tila Tequila as Tila Nguyen from the days you subscribed to Import Tuner magazine.

Import Tuner / s54.photobucket.com

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

ID: 2785977

7. Everyone had a rice rocket with a FAT spoiler, eardrum-splitting muffler, and the lowest body kit that was street legal (or not).

Sherry Main / Via flic.kr

And racing stickers obviously meant your car went faster.

ID: 2785709

8. You followed MC Jin on his seven-battle winning streak on 106 & Park’s “Freestyle Fridays.”

BET / Via youtube.com
ID: 2786351

9. The mixtapes you made for the person you were dating had songs like Kai’s “Say You’ll Stay.”

Geffen Records / Via amazon.com
ID: 2786431

10. You wept to Kiss’ “Because I’m a Girl” music video.

Entercom / Via youtube.com

Why didn’t he just give her one cornea?! THEN THEY BOTH COULD SEE!!

ID: 2786675

11. You also felt so cool when you rolled down the windows and blasted this song.

In your Honda Integra, of course.

ID: 2791959

12. This was your mothership.

Eliazar Parra Cardenas / Via flic.kr

And crispy chicken chunks were your soul food.

ID: 2786729

13. Some of the most prideful (maybe you) went and got an “AZN” dragon and/or phoenix tattoo.

istolethetv / flic.kr

Mark Ou / flic.kr

ID: 2786818

14. If you’re a dude, it was absolutely crucial that you owned at least one pair of white K-Swiss sneakers and one pair of Adidas sandals.

ID: 2791165

15. You aspired or attempted to be a B-Boy. But it never quite worked out.

chicchun / Via flic.kr
ID: 2790937

16. You spent time in class tagging “Azn Pryde” in graffiti font all over your spiral notebooks.

ID: 2791492

17. You were more active on Asian Avenue than you were on MySpace.

Asian Avenue / Via sunpech.com
ID: 2791510

18. If you’re a girl, your closet was made up of 50% spaghetti-strap camisoles and the other half was ribbed tanks.

Yesstyle / yesstyle.com

Yesstyle / yesstyle.com

ID: 2791626

19. And you either paired them with extremely baggy sweatpants or skintight low-rise jeans.

ID: 2792160

20. And your hair was only worn one way: down, stick-straight, with stark highlights.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
ID: 2792168

21. You knew at least one person who suddenly became a “gAnGsTa.”

Just Kidding Films / Via citizen.tv

And claimed they were in an all-Asian “gang.”

ID: 2791857

22. Even though you’ve come a long way, and it might be hilariously horrifying to look back…

*Subjects asked to remain anonymous out of sheer embarrassment.

ID: 2792017

23. You will forever rep “AzN PrYdE 4 LyFe.”

ID: 2792212

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