Witness Victoria Beckham Unleashing Her Inner Party Animal

Not only did she smile but she really let her hair down.

1. So we all know Victoria Beckham for her pout and lack of smiling.

2. But last night she had a blast and let herself go in Berlin.

3. It really is Becks on the decks.

4. Loving every second of it.

6. Then she danced in a car on her way back from the Bambi Awards.

We were like Rock and Roll! X @VictoriaBeckham #GoodNightBerlin

— kenpaves (@ken paves)

7. And giggled to her heart’s delight. Although still attempted to hide the fact she was smiling.

So much fun in Berlin!! Love u @kenpaves and @stilaproartist x vb

— victoriabeckham (@Victoria Beckham)

8. Then she danced on her bed when she got in. C-razy.

Good night Berlin, going to bed with Bambi x vb

— victoriabeckham (@Victoria Beckham)

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