The 15 Steps Of Taking Katie Hopkins Down, As Told By Peaches Geldof

Ding, ding. Round one to Peaches.

1. Have a rant about her on Twitter two hours before appearing on live TV together.

2. This is the picture she was referring to by the way.

3. Claim she has a “shrivelled old pair of balls”.

4. Liken her to Hitler.

What is next? Hitler being exhumed from his grave, reanimated and allowed as a contestant on the Apprentice or a commentator on itv??

— peaches_g (@Peaches Geldof)

5. Threaten to lamp her one on live TV.

If she even tries to insult her own children on live television again,or anyone else for that matter, I may or may not have to lamp her one.

— peaches_g (@Peaches Geldof)

6. Then sit nice and cosy on the This Morning sofa together ready to have a debate about parenting.

7. And cause her to make a whole array of facial expressions.


8. Don’t let her get a word in.

9. Laugh and despair at any points she makes about parenting.

10. Get a giggling Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on side.

11. Declare yourself the winner.

Well... That was easy. Think I know who won that one. Hopkins was literally SHAKING when I shook her hand afterwards.

— peaches_g (@Peaches Geldof)

12. Prove it by sharing a picture of you smiling and Katie miserable.

13. Be humble and don’t lap it up at all.

Think I just said to Katie Hopkins live on This Morning what the whole of Britain wants to say to her. YOU LOSE, sucka!!!!

— peaches_g (@Peaches Geldof)

14. Then sit back and enjoy the response.

Absolutely howling at @itvthismorning ! @peaches_g nailed that ‘rent a gob’

— Bridbox (@Bridie)

@peaches_g you couldn't have put It any better @KTHopkins is a prime example of detached parenting!! She is a vile disgusting woman

— TJ04 (@Toni Johnson)

Couldn't of been happier such a dignified, articulate and YOUNG mother put Katie Hopkins in her place! Go @peaches_g #thismorning

— francescaweddle (@Francesca Weddle)

15. Now for this one more time.

Watch the debate in full.

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