25 Reasons Why Little Mix Are The Best Thing Since The Spice Girls

Oh, we love them so.

Meet Little Mix.

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The best girl group to exist since the Spice Girls.

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And if you don’t love them already then you will soon be obsessed. Here’s why.

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1. Firstly, let’s not forget they won The X Factor.

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2. The first group to have won on the UK version of the show.

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3. And that’s because they genuinely have amazing voices.

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4. Like really amazing.

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5. And their music is so good.

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6. But that’s not all. They’re super cute.

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7. And ultra sassy.

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8. They’re British and proud.

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9. Bringing us a new form of girl power.

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10. With bags and bags of style.

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11. In fact, they’re amazingly hot.

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12. Perrie is even engaged to ZAYN FROM ONE DIRECTION!!

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13. And it’s no wonder, because she’s beautiful.

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15. They’re kooky and cool.

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16. With an amazing ability to pull funny faces.

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17. Which means they don’t take themselves too seriously.

ID: 2446091

18. Even in interviews.

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19. Missy Elliott is a fan and has worked with them.

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20. They’ve already got their own nail range.

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21. And lookalike dolls.

REX USA/Mikael Buck / Rex
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22. As well as a constant flowing source of hair colour inspiration.

ID: 2446545

23. They’re super fun to follow on Instagram.

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24. And are genuinely good friends.

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25. What is not to love?

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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