People Keep Getting Lou Bega Confused With Lou Reed, And It’s Pretty Funny

Lou Reed sang “Mambo No. 5,” right? Wrong.

1. This is Lou Bega, of “Mambo No.5” fame.

2. Not Lou Reed, of Velvet Underground fame.

Peter Wafzig/Redferns / Via Getty Images

3. But when Lou Reed sadly passed away this week, Lou Bega was inundated with messages of condolences instead.

So he posted this picture up on his Facebook page to prove he is indeed alive.

4. People started posting up tribute pictures like this.

5. Which led to comments on Twitter like these.

rip lou bega

— robbercat (@gobble cat)

RIP Lou Reed. "Who is he?" "Isn't he the guy who sung Mambo No 5?" "Erm, no that was Lou Bega."

— NatalieSEdwards (@Natalie Edwards)

Saddened to learn Lou Bega has died. Mambo No 5 in heaven, good sir!

— CraigHeap (@Craig Heap)

it's too bad grumpy cat's death yesterday was overshadowed by lou bega's. RIP

— granulac (@Meredith Gran)

10. Until people finally started to realise the mistake.

i am DYING at the rip lou bega tweets

— REMOVEYOURPANTS (@scary idiot !!!!!!!!)

Oops, I got Lou Reed and Lou Bega mixed up. #MamboNo5

— DannyBlahBlah (@Dan Lambden)

At least Lou Bega is still going strong.

— HooperHairPuff (@Alex Hooper)

Those people mixing up Lou Reed and Lou Bega better not be writing prescriptions when they grow up. I don't even want them making fast food.

— JKLPPNBRG (@Here's Johnny!)

14. And now we have this to hope for.

ok im just gonna ask it u guys when is mambo no 6 coming out when is it

— varylarge (@CORY)

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