McFly And Busted Fans Rejoice: They’re Now Supergroup McBusted

It’s truly happening.

1. McBusted launched their Twitter account this morning.

And they already have over 25,000 followers.

ID: 1947241

2. Which led to fans (including myself) getting a bit excited.

Kimberley Dadds


Eeek ——-> @mcbusted

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4. Then this happened.



Huge announcement… McFly & Busted are coming together for a tour in April 2014. Follow @mcbusted for more news! #McBusted

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5. So we were like this.

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6. They announced the details at a press conference in London.

The rumours are true... #McBusted

— McBusted (@mcbusted)



The rumours are true… #McBusted

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7. And all our dreams came true.

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8. Dougie didn’t say much apart from likening his excitement about the supergroup to orgies.

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9. Although they did reveal Charlie Simpson won’t be taking part.

ID: 1947259

10. But that is okay.

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11. James Bourne told us they’re still friends. It’s just not right for Charlie now. And besides, seven faces wouldn’t fit like this.

ID: 1947262

12. And for a very brief moment I got to take his place.

Kimberley Dadds / BuzzFeed
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13. So now we have more of this to look forward to.

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14. Oh and they’re performing on Children In Need this Friday!

ID: 1947335

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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