Liam Payne Gave This Perfect Response To People Fat-Shaming Him

“Quick someone take the cookie jar.”

How to deal with fat jibes, as told by Liam Payne.

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1. Look insanely hot on a beach.

Grey Wasp / Splash News
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Oh hiiiii.

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2. A few months later still look hot but a little lacking in the six-pack department.

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Grey Wasp / Splash News (left) / Sultana / TYP / Splash News (right)
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4. Get a load of hassle on Twitter for being “fat”.

@Real_Liam_Payne read what's going on with you? You're fat, smoking and drinking. What happened to Liam For Real?

— OnceUponLiars (@1D__Pniner)
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5. Respond in the most awesome way possible.

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6. Showing he has a sense of humour, Liam posted this photo pretending to be fat alongside these words.

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7. And if that wasn’t enough he also shared his BMI.

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8. And want a reminder he’s loved by his girlfriend, Sophia, whatever his shape? Here, go ahead:

Now just because I’m sick of seeing this everyday so I just want to clear up what the media do to people these days. Is it wrong to be normal? Or do I have to look like an Olympic swimmer just to get your approval into the cool kids or can I accept that the person I truly love thinks I’m the coolest kid in town anyway? Think I’ll vote the second one ;) enjoy your day people.

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Good point, well made.

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