Arya, Sansa And Robb Stark Are All At Glastonbury

Now if only the Starks would finally reunite. Please find each other in the mud, guys.

1. It’s been such a long time since Arya, Sansa and Robb Stark were all on our screens together.

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2. Which is the sad truth us Game Of Thrones fans now have to face.

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3. But it seems the Starks like to unwind the same way when off duty. Arya, Sansa and Robb are all partying at Glastonbury this weekend.

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4. While Sansa’s been having fun in the mud.

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5. Arya’s been raving at Arcadia.

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6. And so has Robb.

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7. While Sansa’s been showing off her festival fashion.

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8. Robb’s been hanging out with real life girlfriend, Doctor Who’s Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Matt Crossick/PA Wire/Press Association Images
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9. And Arya’s been making friends.

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10. Now can you all please just find each other and party together <3

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11. UPDATE! Sansa and Arya have found each other at Glastonbury. As well as a lot of glitter.

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