10 Cheese Friendships Made In Heaven

Undying and undeniably mouth-watering classic combinations with cheese.

1. 1. Chili and Cheese


Classic: poured over fries.

2. Or..


Smothering a poor, innocent hot dog.

3. 2. Ham and Cheese.


Cordon Bleu

4. Or…


Ham and Cheese Waffles. Yes. I said that.

5. 3. Broccoli and Cheese


On pasta. YUM!

6. Or…


A delicious soup, that’s great as dip!

7. 4. Sour cream and cheese


9. 5. With Mac!


Mac and cheese balls. Like, this is everything. Just. Everything for life.

10. Or…


Yeah, that’s meatloaf. With maca-freakin’-roni and cheese in the middle.

11. 6. Cheese with crackers


12. 6. Or…as them…


13. 7. Cheese and cake. Or, well, in cake? Or … —CHEESECAKE


14. Or


Throw it in ice cream for a bowlful of cold love.

15. 8. Cheese (sauce) and Pretzels


16. Like…


17. 9. Cheese and Jalapeños


Mmm, jalapeño poppers.

18. Or…


Like little Southern jalapeño macarons…Well, whoopie pies.


19. 10. With…mold…


20. Or


Mini Mediterranean brie en croute

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