10 Fake TED Talk Suggestions For Malcolm Gladwell

“Anime Is Real.”

1. Birds: Why Are They Such Assholes?

Kevin Tang

2. Anime Is Real.

Kevin Tang

3. How To Gamify Your Viral Funeral

Kevin Tang

4. Look At My Entire Dog.

Excellent dog by mepufw.

5. The Heart Of A Child: The Last Untapped Resource?

Suggestion by @ADACTIVITY.

Kevin Tang

6. George W. Bush: Masterpieces In Sonic Fan Art.

Kevin Tang

7. The War On Emo.

Kevin Tang

8. An Actual Screening of “Ted.”

Kevin Tang

9. Babies: Are They Libertarian?

Kevin Tang / Via

10. Wearing Noodles On Your Face So You Can’t See The Haters.

Suggestion by Tommy Bruce and Daniel Woodling.

Kevin Tang

All due respect to the genuinely moving, hilarious, informative, and fun TED Talks out there.

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