30 Hilariously Defaced Textbooks

Bored students around the world become great artists in all the wrong classes.

Here is Dufu, one of the most celebrated Chinese poets, in a middle school textbook.

ID: 1053050

Kids thought he’d be better off looking this way:

ID: 1052981

Here is some Russian skater dad sun-punking his scorched son.

ID: 1048250

Here is Marx and Freud skipping in an invisible field of daisies.

ID: 1048127

And here’s a famed Vietnamese literary scholar enjoying his lone fan.

ID: 1048203

If there’s one constant across the worlds’ students-

ID: 1048161

-It’s that they’re talented artists in all the wrong classes.

ID: 1043061

Below are some of the best doodles:

ID: 1048282

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