25 Worst ESL Textbooks And Lessons

You wouldn’t believe what salty language foreign students want to learn. Well, actually, you would.

1. Good morning, class.

ID: 1044313

2. Please turn to chapter 1 in Very Fucking English.

ID: 1044321

3. Complete this exercise: which animal cares the least?

ID: 1043153

5. Chapter 2: business etiquette

ID: 1043370
ID: 1044942

9. When going abroad, remember your manners.

ID: 1043025
ID: 1043410

11. Chapter 3: cheerful condescension

(Disgruntled tutor shop-job via Cynical Travel.)

ID: 1043424

13. Chapter 4: Foreigners in Japan

(Via Cynical Travel. Teaching ESL is tough, yall.)

ID: 1043688
ID: 1042995

16. Please flip to page 36 in this textbook instead:

ID: 1044114

17. Useful daily phrases from Fist of the North Star.

ID: 1043831

18. What do you want from life, class?

ID: 1043000

21. Your regrets?

ID: 1047038

22. What would you do in this situation?

ID: 1047046

23. What if you don’t know?

ID: 1043749

24. Lesson 5: Norf Corean Historie

ID: 1044183

27. And finally, our world-famous ESL aerobics skit:

ID: 1044986
ID: 1046835

29. Go forth. Flourish. You now know business English.

ID: 1044308

30. I would definitely advise against doing this:

ID: 1044311

(Note: the London/Canadian/Columbian Scag/Einstein ones appear to be shop-jobs by very disgruntled tutors. The rest, as far as we can tell, are earnest.)

ID: 1047791

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