The 50 Most Overrated Things Ever

This is a definitive list. You cannot argue with these facts.

4. Ripped Abs

5. Justin Bieber

6. 3D Technology

7. Deep fried anything

8. Parenthood

9. Metal (music)

10. M Rated Video Games

12. Dubstep

14. Chocolate

15. Big Boobs

16. British Accents

17. Twerking

18. The Beach

20. The Military

21. Being Hipster

23. Facebook

24. Superheroes

28. Frozen Yogurt

29. Mona Lisa

31. American Dream

33. Reality TV

35. Starbucks

36. Any eye colour that’s not brown

37. Getting Drunk

39. Popularity

41. Apple Computers

45. Harry Potter

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