18 Creepy Pregnancy Pictures That Will Make You Happy You Aren’t Giving Birth

Is your biological clock ticking? Shut that sh*t off now.

1. This guy is ready to protect what’s his. And she’s into it.

ID: 1320687

2. There are no words for this besides terrifying.

ID: 1320688

3. Ditto.

ID: 1320689

4. They should probably move their heads…

ID: 1320691

5. Were they supposed to be in the picture or were they just mooching off this kid?

ID: 1320693

6. Pregnant go-go dancer? What?

ID: 1320695

7. What’s going on there?

ID: 1320697

8. Bad life choice.

ID: 1320698

9. Why? Just why?

ID: 1320701

10. Are you going to mug me, or…?

ID: 1320703

11. Just… what happened?

ID: 1320705

12. The new playboy bunny.

ID: 1320706

13. I know tires make me think of the miracle of life.

ID: 1320707

14. Her kid is never going to get that image out of his head.

ID: 1320716

15. There’s one for the fridge.

ID: 1320732

16. Haha you see what we did?

ID: 1320741

17. This is just terrifying.

ID: 1320748

18. The most accurate representation of what you will look like by the time you have kids.

ID: 1320757

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