Puppies Dumped In Trash Rescued By Adorable Foster Momma Dog

Seriously, who dumps puppies in a trash can?! Now the love between a foster mom and her pups is so cute it might break the internet.

1. This is Keyna. She’s 5 years old and has never been a mom. / Via http://9NEWS

Her name is pronounced KEY-nah, and it means ‘spots’.

2. These are the four cutest puppies you’ll ever see. / Via http://9NEWS

They don’t have names yet, they just go by the color of their collars.

3. Someone with no soul dumped them in a park trash can in Colorado. / Via http://9NEWS

Seriously. How?!

4. Keyna was not impressed. / Via http://9NEWS

Not at all.

5. Park staff rescued four of the five newborn puppies in the trash can. Then they came to live with Keyna. / Via http://9NEWS

I think Keyna’s family underestimated how awesome she was.

6. The newborn pups have to be fed by hand every three hours. / Via http://9NEWS

With the world’s most adorable dropper.

7. Sometimes Orange gets a little antsy for dinnertime. / Via http://9NEWS

So he just plops himself on the dropper and gets to work.

8. Once they’re fed, Keyna licks them clean. / Via http://9NEWS

Seriously, could it get any cuter?

9. Sometimes it takes a lot of loving to get them squeaky clean. / Via http://9NEWS

And by the way, they do squeak.

10. Momma Keyna is going to teach them how to be great dogs. / Via http://9NEWS

Was there really any doubt?

11. Keyna also makes sure the pups get plenty of warm snuggles. / Via http://9NEWS

So much love.

12. Thanks to Keyna, these little guys are going to be just fine. / Via http://9NEWS

Although authorities still need to find the jerk that threw them away.

13. Puppy Love! / Via http://9NEWS

It’s the best kind of love there is.

14. You can watch the roly poly pups thanks to 9NEWS / Via http://9NEWS

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