Would You Pass School Chemistry Now?

If all the questions were multiple choice. Real questions from past GCSE exam papers.

    1. Ethanoic acid.
    2. Hydrochloric acid.
    3. Nitric acid.
    4. Sulfuric acid.
    1. Zinc sulphate + water.
    2. Zinc sulphuric acid.
    3. Zinc sulphide + water.
    1. Steam is formed.
    2. A white powder is produced.
    3. The lump of calcium oxide cools down.
    4. Calcium hydroxide is formed.
    1. Conduct electricity when solid.
    2. Do not conduct electricity when molten.
    3. Have low melting points.
    4. Have high melting points.
    1. Weak covalent bonds between the oxygen atoms.
    2. Weak covalent bonds between the oxygen molecules.
    3. Weak forces of attraction between the oxygen atoms.
    4. Weak forces of attraction between the oxygen molecules.
    1. Copper chloride.
    2. Lead chloride.
    3. Magnesium chloride.
    4. Potassium chloride.

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