19 Scientifically Accurate Cakes That Will Put You Off Your Lunch

Mmmmm tapeworm.

1. Dead sheep cake.

Complete with infected liver and snail.

2. Polycystic kidney disease cake.

Victoria Wilkinson / Via facebook.com

3. HIV cake.

4. “Three is a crowd” cake.

Flickr: nottinghamvets / Creative Commons

5. “Testicake.”

Flickr: nottinghamvets / Creative Commons

Yes that is what you think it is.

6. Myxomatosis rabbit cake.

7. Mystery cell cake.

#ScienceCake from Y7 @wellcometrust @CentreoftheCell cheek cell? Root hair cell? You decide! Love the Oreo nucleus!

— TMBSScience (@TMBSScience)

8. Canine facial muscles cake.

(With scarily real-looking teeth).

9. “Pathological Christmas dinner” cake.

Just out of shot: “fecal contamination.”

10. Rabbit anatomy cake.

@wellcometrust I'm a veterinary student and my mom made a rabbit anatomy birthday #sciencecake

— DrLeau (@Leau)

11. “Beefcake fetus.”

Winner of the “grossest cake” award at a Nottingham Veterinary School competition, for obvious reasons.

12. “Equine surgery” cake.

13. “Leg amputation” cake.

15. “Ascarid impaction colic” cake.

Ascarids are a type of horse parasite.

16. Tapeworm cake.

As requested by @wellcometrust, here again is our tapeworm cake made by Liz Dobson and @annievet1 #sciencecake

— ZoonoticDisease (@Zoonoses & EID)

17. “Bullseye” cake.

From the competition notes: “Springy sponge, could be slightly more moist. Blood worryingly like the real thing.”

18. Failed abdominal surgery cake.

Conjurer’s Kitchen / facebook.com

With truffle intestines. Yum.

19. Anatomically correct head cake.

Conjurer’s Kitchen / Facebook: Conjurers-Kitchen

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