30 Pics Of “Game Of Thrones” Characters Dressed Up As Real Life People Leads The Daily Links

Plus the 16 lies we need to stop teaching boys about sex, a few excellent Instagram tricks, and how to survive a lightning strike.


30 pics of “Game of Thrones” actors existing outside of the “Game of Thrones” universe, as though they are real persons that exist in OUR world. - [TheChive]

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Sometimes social-media dream-hacks do come true: Here’s how to delete comments and correct typos on Instagram! - [WIRED]

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Here are 10 surprisingly insightful quotes from reality TV—these people have rare moments of lucidity, just like us! - [Refinery29]

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Here are 16 lies we need to stop teaching boys about sex— girls aren’t the only ones that get mixed messages while they’re growing up!- [NERVE]

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Seven things your husband or significant other does that you shouldn’t take personally—he might not do all of these things, but it’s good to cut each other a break sometimes! - [Redbook]

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Fox News allegedly demoted Shepard Smith because he asked to come out as gay. There was also whole super-elite picnic fiasco! - [Slate]

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