21 Swimming Tips To Make Your Summer More Enjoyable

Swimming is the best part of summer. Don’t mess it up.

1. Choose your swimming spot wisely.

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2. Don’t be afraid to improvise.

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3. Get there before the crowds.

ID: 364044

5. Make sure your water gadgets are up to date.

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6. Try bringing the shallow end to the deep end.

ID: 364012

7. Stay out of the water if you’re pregnant.

Oh… nevermind.

ID: 364014

8. Feel free to express your excitement.

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9. Keep your tongue away from sea creatures.

ID: 364027

10. Make sure to keep track of your bowel movements.

ID: 364086

11. Look out for wild swimming pigs.

Seriously, watch out for them.

ID: 364100

12. Don’t swim with the blanket.

ID: 364107

13. Keep your electronics outside the pool.

ID: 364215

14. Stock up on these…

ID: 364157

15. …and these…

ID: 364179

16. …but most importantly these.

ID: 364144

17. Fill your pool with wine…

ID: 364252

18. …or jello.

ID: 364253

19. Please don’t do what this lady does.

ID: 364116

20. And remember…

ID: 364329

21. … you don’t have to get your fur wet to enjoy swimming.

ID: 364124

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