21 Most Disappointing Snacks

Ever go to your friends house and they have terrible snacks? This is a tribute to that feeling.

1. Baked Potato Chips

Like regular potato chips, only without the flavor.

ID: 426823

2. Fruit Leather

Like Fruit Roll-Ups, only they taste like garbage.

ID: 426880

3. Cucumber Plates

Back in my day water came in a glass.

ID: 426893

4. Fun-Sized Candy Bars

I’m an adult and I want a full sized candy bar.

ID: 426906

5. Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

These may look delicious, but deep down they just taste like spoilt milk.

ID: 426942

6. Bug Lollipops

Though the novelty of eating a bug may seem appealing at first, you’ll soon realize there’s a reason people don’t eat bugs.

ID: 426964

7. Almond Butter

You can can duplicate the taste of almond butter by grinding up equal parts water and cardboard.

ID: 426991

8. Flintstones Vitamins

Not technically a snack, but anything shaped like a cartoon should taste better than this.

ID: 427104

9. Cheese Nips

Why anyone would buy these when perfectly good Cheez-Its exist is simply beyond me. This lady gets it.

ID: 427143

10. Fish Jerky

Fish were meant to be wet, not dried!

ID: 427165

11. Trail Mix

Because you know you only want the M&M’s.

ID: 427279

12. 100 Calorie Anything

These are great if you want a snack that tastes nothing like the snack advertised.

ID: 427306

13. Sparrow Kebabs

Nothing says “summer treat” like a bird’s face staring back at you.

ID: 427190

14. Unfrosted Pop-Tarts

For when you want something that tastes like sugar, but not too much like sugar.

ID: 427332

15. Kale Chips

These aren’t so much chips as they are leaves.

ID: 427483

16. Rice Cakes

These are great for when you want something that tastes like packing peanuts.

ID: 427325

17. Hummus

If you like your snacks to be smooth, creamy, and taste like dirt.

ID: 427473

18. Greek Yogurt

Ever heard of ice cream??

ID: 427392

19. Unsweetened Iced Tea

This is less of a snack and more of a drink, but either way get it out of my face.

ID: 427411

20. Werther’s Originals

Because you’re not a thousand years old.

ID: 427512

21. Your own poop.

Because its your own poop.

ID: 427315

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