What It Feels Like To Hate A Pop Song

The greatest plight facing modern man is to hate a song you cannot escape.

1. Some musician writes a song and everyone loves it.

ID: 888398

2. Maybe it’s like, *REALLY* popular.

ID: 888411

3. You hear it everywhere you go.

ID: 888419

4. Maybe everyone knows it kind of sucks.

ID: 888473

5. But everyone is still like

ID: 888482

6. You hear it blasting out of people’s headphones.

ID: 888492

7. It comes on at weddings.

ID: 888512

8. People are dancing to it at school.

ID: 888518

9. In their cars.

ID: 888532

10. Even if the song is TERRIBLE.

ID: 888616

11. Like actually just TERRIBLE.

ID: 888630

12. You can blame the radio.

ID: 888642

13. But also the performers keep singing the songs.

Don’t they get bored?

ID: 888649

14. You just have to accept that you’re never going to be doing this

about that song.

ID: 888659

15. Some music is liked by most people and just not by you.

ID: 888663

16. You’re an original!

ID: 888669

17. You always have been!

ID: 888670

18. Besides, there will always be another song…

ID: 888750

19. …you’ll like better.

ID: 888681

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