The Tweets That Make You Wonder How Mandy Moore And Ryan Adams Are Married

He’s a rock star with a history of substance abuse. She’s a pop star turned actress with a penchant for humanitarian work. Yet somehow, these crazy kids make it work — even on the internet.

Adams enjoys tweeting about the legalization of marijuana, science and the occasional inspirational quote from Deepak Chopra, as well as his cats and the cats of others. Occasionally, there is mention of music.

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He seems to get a lot of his news from the Huffington Post and he’s also a fan of Jian Ghomeshi, retweeting the Canadian public radio host often.

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Via http://@TheRyanAdams

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Mandy posts about girl time with her friends.

ID: 531593

Like Minka Kelly.

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Like her husband, Moore also enjoys cats — which extends to a full-blown support of animal rescue. That’s only the tip of the iceberg — there’s barely a cause she’s not involved in (and Tweeting about).

For example: USAID ambassador work, women’s rights, clean water, children in Sudan and fighting malaria.

She also pokes fun at herself.

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And occasionally has opinions about other celebs.

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She’s not afraid to reference her past work.

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But awwww:

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