The Most Inappropriate Kinds Of Questions Chelsea Handler Asks

In honor of her 38th birthday, let’s celebrate what a phenomenal interviewer she is.

Comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler has a certain style about her.

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She tends to ask questions that get to the point pretty quickly.

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1. For instance: Questions about people’s sexual proclivities.

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2. Or who they have slept with.

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3. And what they did with those people.

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4. Her favorite questions are truly about what people are doing in bed and with whom.

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5. Like questions about the state of her guests’ marriages.

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6. Or even whether they’re getting married at all.

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7. Sometimes she asks about more peripheral relationships.

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8. Or just how rich and spoiled the person she’s talking to is.

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9. Or how much their friends suck.

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10. Sometimes she asks them obvious questions.

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11. Or more specific things about their bodies.

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12. Or more general things about their bodies.

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13. Chelsea likes to find out what her guests are bad at.

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14. Or what drugs they take.

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15. Illegal, or not illegal.

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16. Or how much schooling they’ve had.

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17. Or whether they have any common sense at all.

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In conclusion: Chelsea is a phenomenal interviewer who treats her guests with dignity and respect.

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