Ricky Van Veen Either Really Wanted A Part On “Girls” Or Really Loves His Girlfriend

The College Humor co-founder is dating Allison Williams from HBO’s Girls. According to his blog, he really really really likes her – or the show. (It’s hard to tell sometimes.)

1. This is Ricky Van Veen.

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He co-founded College Humor.

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2. He is currently dating actress Allison Williams, of HBO’s “Girls”

You may know about their friendship with celebrity musical couple Katy Perry and John Mayer.

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3. Van Veen likes to mention Allison on his personal website a lot.

This is his first post referencing the two of them.

ID: 977393

4. Like beautiful photos of her.

ID: 977674

5. Or cute texts they send together.

ID: 977679

6. Or other TV shows she’s on.

(This is from an episode of The Mindy Project.)

ID: 977667

8. It’s all very cute.

ID: 977681

9. (Even when he’s joke insulting her.)

ID: 977396

10. But time for the conspiracy theory: It’s POSSIBLE that Van Veen just really wanted a part on “Girls.”

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11. Here’s an example of Ricky talking about the show obsessively on his Tumblr blog.

ID: 977691

12. Also here:

ID: 977717

13. And a shoutout to Lena Dunham.

ID: 977721

14. Sometimes it’s just a little hard to tell whether he likes Allison…

ID: 977725

15. Or the show.

ID: 977723

16. Or Allison and the show:

ID: 977663

17. He certainly likes Allison and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog:

ID: 977732

18. And even Allison’s dad:

ID: 977355

19. Lucky for Van Veen, his dreams came true during this week’s episode:

“One of the guys shown rolling his eyes during her song was Ricky Van Veen…who we predicted last week might show up in this fictional start-up milieu as an inside joke about how start-ups are a goof,” wrote Maggie Lambert for Grantland of Van Veen’s appearance during “On All Fours” as a dude looking incredulous as Williams’ character performed a terrible version of Kanye West’s “Stronger.”

ID: 977869

20. Maybe dating Allison was all just a clever ruse to get onto the show!

ID: 977863

21. Nah, probably not.

ID: 977701

25. He even gets excited about her on Letterman:

That’s true <3.

ID: 977693

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