27 Struggles Only A Swimmer Can Understand

Swimming is the best sport on earth, but it’s also full of people who are incredibly misunderstood.

1. Being confused with divers.

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2. That no one cares about the sport until the Olympics.

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3. That no one takes the sport seriously.

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4. Wanting everyone to know they can do this.

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5. How bad they are at land sports.

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6. Trying to work out after not getting in the pool for a while.

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It goes slowly.

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7. People not understanding that just because you’re in water doesn’t mean you don’t get thirsty.

Or that you don’t get hot. Or don’t sweat.

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8. Getting up early.

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9. Green hair.

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10. Keeping track of what event/heat/lane they’re in.

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11. Reacting like a lunatic when they drop infinitesimal amounts of time.

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12. Doing the Butterfly.

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13. Never getting enough of the water.

Even if they’re in it all the time.

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14. How to be the most festive during competition.

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15. How much water they swallow on a given day.

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16. When non-swimmers whine about the water being too cold.

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17. Tan lines.

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18. Always smelling like chlorine.

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19. Male swimmers acting like they look like this after they shave:

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Even thought they really just look like this:

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20. How much swim caps suck.

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21. People who don’t know how to tread water.

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23. Having the coolest suit possible.

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24. Big shoulders.

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25. Crowded lanes.

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26. False starts.

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27. Water in the ears.

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