27 Squirrels That Are Secretly Plotting World Domination

Some people think squirrels are super cute and cuddly and amazing. Those people are wrong.

1. It’s mostly their eyes.

ID: 914516

7. They’re aways staring at you with power.

ID: 914564

9. They have a really scary way of clutching at their food.

ID: 914570

11. Their teeth make it even worse.

ID: 914887

13. The idea of them gathering in groups is disconcerting.

ID: 914584

14. Or just when they’re alone and they stand up and get all fierce.

ID: 914575

16. Even one is just approaching you, it’s alarming.

ID: 914617

24. Feeding them is a CRAZY idea!

Why would you tempt fate?

ID: 914657

25. They always look ready to pounce.

ID: 914660

27. ARE!

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