24 Super Cool TV Vanity Cards And What They Might Mean

Television producers typically use three things to put their stamp on the end of an episode: the sound of children laughing, anything and everything involving their dogs and things falling. Here are some of the best.

1. Shondaland, Shonda Rimes

My life is a rollercoaster! Oh wait no, that’s one episode of Grey’s Anatomy!

ID: 830926

2. Bad Robot Productions, J.J. Abrams

Pay no attention to the man behind the robot.

ID: 831084

3. And Then Productions, Tea Leoni and David Duchovny

I play a character who is a sex addict and I am a sex addict so I spend most of my life wondering…what’s next?

ID: 832669

4. Guntzelman Sullivan Marshall Productions

This is where Growing Pains really come from: falling off a roof.

ID: 832891

5. Green Eggs and Pam Productions

Dr. Seuss wrote classic books. I tried to bring back Sarah Michelle Geller in the quickly-cancelled show Ringer.

ID: 833105

6. Wonderland Sound and Vision, McG and Stephanie Savage

As you might expect, anyone who created shows like The O.C. and Supernatural spends most of their time here.

ID: 833124

7. True Jack Productions

I’m not owned by anyone on Parenthood, but I would be.

ID: 833151

8. Millar Gough Ink.

People loved Smallville so much they exploded! They did not like the Charlie’s Angels 2011 reboot.

ID: 833246

9. Garfield St. Productions

Please watch our show Fairly Legal. It’s on USA. We’re cute, we swear.

ID: 833261

10. Anhedonia Productions, Matthew Perry

Just keep Going On.

ID: 833265

11. Levitan-Lloyd

Much like this turntable, Modern Family is a show that has charmed Americans to the point that it will probably never be off the air and will always. be. playing.

ID: 833268

12. Matthew Gross Entertainment

Body of Proof has only been on since 2011 but dead humans are forever.

ID: 833443

13. Still Married Productions

This is funny because the woman on Necessary Roughness is estranged from her husband!

ID: 833479

14. Eddie Murphy Television

I’m mildly insane but at least I’m laughing.

ID: 833484

15. Nuance Productions

Yes, I am as neurotic as the cast of Mad About You.

ID: 833508

16. Mutant Enemy Productions, Joss Whedon


ID: 833527

17. Moffitt Lee Productions

Sooo cute, just like Hollywood Squares.

ID: 833539

18. Nothing Can Go Wrong Productions

Explaining it all didn’t go too well for Clarissa.

ID: 833550

19. Acme Productions

Malibu Country is a lot more serious than it looks.

ID: 833566

20. Bee Caves Road Productions

We made Reba and we’re darn proud of it.

ID: 833573

21. Very Small Realm

Such a small snail couldn’t save Free Agents all on its own.

ID: 833589

22. Stephen J. Cannell Production Logo

They don’t make them like this anymore. They also don’t make The Greatest American Hero, The A-Team or Hardcastle & McCormick anymore either.

ID: 833617

23. Doozer, Bill Lawrence

I love the adorable children’s show Fraggle Rock! So much that I made shows about adults drinking and behaving badly like Cougar Town or Scrubs.

ID: 834101

24. Gracie Films

If The Simpson’s says be quiet, be quiet.

ID: 835719

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