16 Reasons Everyone Loves Connie Britton

In honor of her birthday, here’s why she’s just the most rad. #1: Tami Taylor. OK, list over.

1. No but seriously, because she was Tami Taylor on “Friday Night Lights”:

ID: 958552

2. She was so ethical.

ID: 958555

4. And called it like it was.

ID: 959863

5. She killed people with her kindness.

ID: 958598

6. Coach Taylor knew she was the best thing he had.

ID: 958602

7. (Interlude of a second where they are just adorable together.)

ID: 958573

8. But she also had these amazing human moments where she was just accidentally hilarious.

ID: 958584

9. She spoke a lot of truths.

ID: 958587

10. And had amazing facial expressions.

ID: 959869

11. Oh, yeah, and also, Connie Britton was Nikki Faber on “Spin City”:

ID: 959015

12. And is now Rayna James on “Nashville”:

ID: 959021

13. And yes, there’s that HAIR:

There’s a whole website devoted to it.

ID: 959731

14. But it’s mostly because even in real life, she knows she’s got it going on.

For instance: “My life started being awesome five years ago.”

And: “…I never — I never — personally reference myself as old. I don’t think of myself as old…it would just be demystifying and disempowering.”

And the best comment: “Let’s put it this way: The older you get, the easier it is to date younger men. There are more of them.”

ID: 959027

15. Truly, we all ask ourselves:

ID: 959024

16. And seriously, TAMI TAYLOR, Y’ALL.

ID: 958576

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