14 Problems Caused By Too Much Reading

Very serious problems caused by a lifetime of reading too much.

1. Smaller dating pool

Anyone with less than flawless grammar and 150 books on their shelf is automatically excluded.

2. Always tired

Via gph.is

You definitely stayed up until 4 am finishing that book.

3. Movies are ruined

You can never watch a movie without constantly comparing it to the book.

4. Terrible Eyesight

All that reading after lights out messes you up.

5. Being longwinded

All emails, texts and snapchats are always perfectly formulated, punctuated and showcase your great vocabulary.

6. Completely unrealistic expectations of romantic relationships

Growing up believing every relationship can be happily wrapped up in 500 pages or less, it is hard to adjust to the real world.

7. Moving is the worst thing ever

Too. Many. Books. (Unless you are Mary Poppins or Hermione).

8. Social Awkwardness

Books don’t reply.

9. Confusion about Pop Culture References

What is a twerk? Is it from a book?

10. Early onset back and neck problems

Every reading position becomes uncomfortable eventually.

11. Always broke

Books aren’t free.

12. Obscure language

Did nobody else read the book you’re quoting?

13. Every apartment is too small

Every time you move, you magically accumulate enough books to fill every space again.

14. Embarrassing public emotion

Why, J.K. Rowling, why??

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