15 Luxury Trains You Need To Ride Before You Die

There’s a reason rail buffs are called “foamers.”

1. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

This train is truly epic. It’s the world’s longest rail journey, spanning more than 6,000 miles, two continents and eight time zones.

ID: 1511191

Here’s the ornate lounge car, where you can grab a drink and listen to the on-board pianist. As the train’s social hub, it really doesn’t have official closing hours.

ID: 1511195

2. The Royal Scotsman

Ride the rails through the Highlands of Scotland.

ID: 1511220

Check out this observation car.

ID: 1511231

Even the private cabins have their own Edwardian elegance.

ID: 1511260

3. The Glacier Express

Travel through the Swiss Alps.

ID: 1511197

4. Rovos Rail

Explore South Africa by train. Here, the Pride of Africa travels over Victoria Falls Bridge.

ID: 1511204

The dining car.

ID: 1511207

High tea in the lounge car.

ID: 1511211

This royal suite is enormous!

ID: 1511212

You definitely won’t be showering over the toilet on this train.

ID: 1511214

5. Hiram Bingham

Named for the explorer who introduced Manchu Picchu to the Western world, this 1920’s Pullman-style luxury train runs between Cuzco and Machu Picchu along the dramatic valley of the Urubamba River.

ID: 1511275

Music in the observation car.

ID: 1511283

6. Venice Simplon Orient Express

This art deco train travels from London to Venice or Venice to Stockholm.

ID: 1511292

Fine dining

ID: 1511294

7. The Ghan

Travel across Australia on The Ghan.

ID: 1511303

The retro-Edwardian dining car has panoramic views.

ID: 1511314

8. The Blue Train

Go from Pretoria to Cape Town, South Africa.

ID: 1511321

Imagine holding a business conference here.

ID: 1511502

9. Eastern & Oriental Express

ID: 1511407

Take in the views of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Laos.

ID: 1511336

10. Royal Canadian Pacific

ID: 1511344

11. Palace on Wheels

This luxury tourist train was launched by the Indian Railways to promote tourism in Rajasthan.

ID: 1511362

The bar car

ID: 1511356

There are 14 coaches, each named after former Rajput states and decorated to match those royal palaces.

ID: 1511515

12. Napa Valley Train

Check out California’s wine country by rail.

ID: 1511377

13. Al Andalus

What a way to see Southern Spain! The recently restored railway carriages were built in France between 1929 and 1930.

ID: 1511416

14. Alaska Railroad’s Coastal Classic

ID: 1511448

15. Danube Express

The journey across Eastern Europe is incredibly romantic. This private train once belonged to a Hungarian prime minister who was afraid of flying.

ID: 1511523

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