Why Does Everyone Hate Garfield On Twitter?

Sure, Garfield comics aren’t everyone’s idea of funny, but there’s a weird world of extreme Garfield haters on Twitter. This isn’t just a little negative feedback, this is pure vitriol at a fictitious cat. posted on

.@Garfield" target="_blank">">@Garfield how many times have you tweeted this. what the fuck is wrong with you

@Garfield" target="_blank">">@Garfield i'm going to skin you with a rusty dull blade

@Garfield" target="_blank">">@Garfield I'm gonne cover you in honey you stupid cat

@Garfield" target="_blank">">@Garfield choke on a fishbone and die you mangy unfunny piece of shit

@Garfield" target="_blank">">@Garfield wow how about you eat a crock of shit you ugly fucker

@Garfield" target="_blank">">@Garfield A weekend is no different for a cat, moron

@Garfield" target="_blank">">@Garfield way to be a role model u fucking clown

@Garfield" target="_blank">">@Garfield I hope a raccoon eats your entrails.

@Garfield" target="_blank">">@Garfield Go and die you little orange fuckshit.

@Garfield" target="_blank">">@Garfield fuck you you fat piece of shit

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