Which U.S. State Has The Worst Girls?

Using a highly scientific measurement: which state’s “girl problems” Twitter account is the most annoying.

Guys suck. Why even keep them around? Oh yeah, to kill bugs. #georgiagirlproblems

— georgiagrlprob (@Georgia Girl Problem)

Hawaiian asians do not look the same, only the tourist asians do #hawaiigirlproblems

— HawaiiGirlProbs (@Hawaii Girl Problems)

My uggs are wet #idahogirlproblems

— idahogrlproblem (@Idaho Girl Problems)

When you can't get the horse you want. #KentuckyGirlProblems

— KYGirlProblems (@Kentucky Girl)

There's two types of people in Baton Rouge: people that go to Bogies and people that go to Freds. #LSUGP

— LSUgirlproblems (@LSUgirlproblems)

I think my town has a more active deer nightlife than people #MaineGirlProblems

— MaineGrlProblms (@Maine Girl Problems )

No restaurants will deliver steamed crabs to my office... #mdgirlproblems #mdproblem

— MDgirlproblem (@MD Girl Problems)

Red Sox tickets went on sale this morning. Don't call me unless you bought me seats. #MAGirlProblems

— MAGirlProblems (@MA Girl Problems)

sorting my closet was easy.. black leggings on one side, oversized tanks on the other #umichgirlproblems

— UmichGirlProb (@UMich Girl Problems)

I left my mascara in the car and it froze #mngirlproblems

— MNGirlProblemss (@MN Girl Problems)

Almost got into a fight with a black girl in the target parking lot. But I didn't. Because I'm classier than that.

— MSBelleProbs (@Mississippi Belle)

so many Self-Tanner spots on my sheets I'm not sure if they're white wash or color wash #bronzer #JGP

— Jerseygrlprobs (@Jersey girl Problems)

I think I'm just going to have to wear a diaper when I go back to the city #NewYorkGirlProblems

— NYGirlProblems (@NY Girl Problems)

No, the top things I look for in a guy are not that he hunts and goes to church. #northernuncgirlprobs

— NorthernUNC_GP (@NorthernUNCGirlProbs)

Cleaning a mirror is quite possibly the most distracting job

— OhioGirlProblem (@Ohio Girl Problems)

Thanks Ok Dept of Transportation 4 completely erffng up I-44! I have to go to the southside to get downtown now #OKCGirlProblems

— OKCGirlProbz (@OKC Girl Problems)

We have to many homeless people in downtown Portland...

— OregonGirlProbl (@Oregon Girl Problems)

My European vacation broke my hair straightener #penngrlproblems

— PennGrlProblems (@Penn Girl Problems)

I wanna make sweet tea Popsicles 💗👍

— SC_GirlProbz (@southern barbie )

I hate it when people say "Are you from Tennessee 'cause you're the only Ten- I- See..." #likereally that's dumb

— tngirlprobz (@Tennessee Girl Probz)

forget the heat, how do I dress for this air-conditioning? #txgirlproblem

— txgirlproblem (@texas girl problems)

Northface or Patagonia? #vermontgirlproblems

— Vermontgrlprobs (@UVM girl problems)

That moment when you don't have small enough bills for the vending machine. #VirginiaGirlProblems

— VAGirlProblems (@Virginia Girl Probs)

Any male on the elliptical <<<<< #dcgirlproblem

— DCGirlProblem (@Washington DC Girl)

The only scary part of hayride is the bathroom situation. #wvugirlproblems

— WVUgirlproblems (@WVU Girl Problems)

Congrats to Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, North & South Dakota, Missouri, Rhode Island, Washington state, and Utah for not having any “Girl Problems” Twitter accounts.

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