24 Things Way Worse Than The World Ending

The end of times on Dec. 21, 2012, isn’t the worst-case scenario. It could be way worse.

1. If avocados went extinct

ID: 765798

2. If Mariah Carey converted to Buddhism and refused to sing “All I Want for Christmas (Is You)” ever again

ID: 766112

3. If there was only plain Chapstick left on Earth

ID: 766181

4. If the only kind of pizza left was Pizza Hut’s cheeseburger pizza

ID: 766194

5. If eagles really started stealing babies

ID: 766597

6. If fedoras were cool

ID: 766284

7. If this, on repeat, was the only thing on all TV channels forever

ID: 766670

8. If this happened in every bathroom everywhere

ID: 766613

9. If all your Snapchats were leaked onto your Facebook

ID: 766327

10. If you could only write in blue ink pens for the rest of your life

ID: 766333

11. If there were only the yellow Starbursts

ID: 766300

12. If Garth Brooks went back to being Chris Gaines

ID: 765807

13. If your boyfriend became a brony

ID: 766399

14. If Cee Lo Green sat across from you at your office all day making this face

ID: 766468

15. If every fruit was as hard to eat as an orange

ID: 766526

16. If every movie starred Kevin James

ID: 766793

17. If Pixar actually made this sequel

ID: 766540

18. If Paul McCartney released a dubstep album

Larry Busacca / Getty Images
ID: 766573

19. If Satan finally called his loyal cat army into action to rise up against the humans

ID: 766632

20. If the Dog Wizard enslaved us humans to work in the snausages mines

ID: 766641

21. If George R.R. Martin died before he finished the final “Game of Thrones” book

ID: 766656

22. If we discover Santa is real, and we left him at Ikea

ID: 766708

23. If the new White House Press Secretary was this guy

ID: 766731

24. If the world just turned into a cat fucking orgy with cats just humping everywhere but humans had no more genitals and had to just watch the cats enviously

ID: 766812

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