The Confusing Evolution Of Sean Bean’s Hair

The many mullets of the greatest bad guy ever.

1. The ski sweater bedhead

This. Outfit. Is. Everything.

ID: 1002906

2. The Zachery Ty Bryan in Home Improvement

Oh, and hello, Sean.

ID: 1003683

3. The Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Home Improvement

Sean. We really REALLY need to talk about your pants.

ID: 1002912

4. The elegant European villain mullet

Those hi top sneakers are not very villain-y though.

ID: 1002993

5. The swashbuckler mullet

ID: 1004414

6. The three-strand forehead hang

Please also note the white stitching on his pants. It appears he is actually wearing a mock turtleneck tucked into high waisted dark wash jeans.

ID: 1002840

7. The guy who owns a lot of swords middle-part

ID: 1002923

8. The Dolph Lundgren

ID: 1003025

9. The pro baseball player mullet

ID: 1002908

10. The hockey goalie mullet

Oh Sean, your boots. Your boots, Sean. What will we do with you?

ID: 1002916

11. The MMA fan mullet

Paul Thomas / Getty Images
ID: 1003770

12. The wedding mullet

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images
ID: 1003824

13. The wet middle part

ID: 1002919

14. The teen bully hedgehog

ID: 1003726

15. The soccer hooligan hedgehog

ID: 1003761

16. The homeless vet

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

Sean, WHAT is going on here?

ID: 1003774

17. The rat’s nest

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 1003780

18. The matching BFF bangs soaked with drunken flopsweat

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

These two look totally sauced, and I love it.

ID: 1003820

19. The half-pony with tendrils a.k.a. the junior prom

ID: 1003980

20. The Badd Ass Billy Gunn

ID: 1003993

21. The Heather Graham

ID: 1003997

22. The hardened DILF

Scott Barbour / Getty Images
ID: 1004509

23. CRAZY FACT: Sean Bean’s real name is Shaun Bean.

This changes everything, and I hate it.

ID: 1005349

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