The 27 Most Powerful Photos Of Guy Fieri Pointing At Things

The man, the goatee, THE POINTER FINGER.

1. At a paper bag:

Michael Tran / Getty

2. At you:

Michael Kovac / Getty

3. At an old man:

Michael Kovac / Getty

4. At the sky:

Michael Buckner / Getty

5. A a guy in a fedora:

Stephen Cohen / Getty

6. At a woman:

Stephen Lovekin / Getty

7. At John Popper from Blues Traveler

Cindy Ord / Getty

8. At a phone:

Jerod Harris / Getty

11. At a microphone

Stephen Lovekin / Getty

12. At a man who is ignoring him

Ethan Miller / Getty

14. Over the shoulder pinky point at a building:

Tom Pennington / Getty

19. At a tray of burgers:

Ethan Miller / Getty

21. At a man who seems paralyzed in awe of Guy and incapable of contorting his fingers to point back:

Robert Laberge / Getty

22. At Rachael Ray:

23. At a tiny egg on top of a football:

24. At a guy in a Cosby sweater:

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty

25. At a guy in loafers:

D Dipasupil / Getty

26. At you:

Jerod Harris / Getty

27. At a bird he sees that’s distracting him:

Rusty Jarrett / Getty


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