Please Come To My Rave

Hi there. It’s me, your next door neighbor Ivan. I just wanted to inform you I’ll be hosting a rave this weekend, and I’d love you to come.

1. Hello neighbor, I found your dog in my yard again. While I’m here, I thought I’d invited you to my rave tomorrow night.

ID: 299471

2. I see you have questions about what a rave is.

ID: 303076

3. I’ll explain.

ID: 299636

4. I’ll be dancing like this:

ID: 302805

5. There will be the most beautiful ladies there

ID: 299633

10. It is a very cool mature event for adults. Like you and me.

ID: 304576

15. Wear your finest clothing, this is an event to dress to impress!

ID: 303341

18. There will be the coolest DJs playing the most lovely rave music

ID: 302946

23. We will abide by the P.L.U.R. rules

ID: 302999

24. What is P.L.U.R. you ask? Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!

ID: 303036

25. There will be a special chillout room, and also a friend zone. For friends!

ID: 302253

26. You don’t need to bring any snacks, we shall feast on the music!

ID: 302250

27. Oh yeah, don’t bother showing up until at least after 10pm.

ID: 304580

28. Perhaps you shall desire a backrub, and I will be happy to do so for you:

ID: 302367

29. Oh, and if it gets noisy, please just let me know instead of calling the cops.

ID: 299634

30. See you tonight, gorgeous.

ID: 304582

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