Backstage With The Craziest Designs At A Student Fashion Show

The Academy of Art University’s runway show had some of the most creative and weird clothes at fashion week.

1. Designer Heather McDonald with a black sweater dress

Her designs were inspired by the classic silent movie Metropolis, which includes a sexy robot woman, who looks a lot like the shape of this dress.

ID: 882139

2. Here’s that same sweater dress on the runway

Very slinky-evil-female-robot.

Randy Brooke / Getty Images
ID: 882350

3. A collaboration between Teresa Field and James Thai made this etched leather dress

Teresa was inspired by drawings of H.R. Geiger (the guy who designed the creature in Alien and anatomical animal drawings. She worked with James Thai, who created a way of burning his intricate drawings onto soft leather.

ID: 882163

4. And these leather pants with a saber-tooth tiger

Really, who ever has enough prehistoric mammal themed pieces in her closet?

ID: 882162

5. This is how the dress looked on the runway:


Randy Brooke / Getty Images
ID: 882824

6. Oh hey, what is this giant brass snake egg?

Field and Thai’s collection also included accessories from Leah Aripoch, who made gorgeously evil snake jewelry and a clutch.

ID: 882168

7. Whaaaaaaaaa? It’s a purse!

The clutch purse made of metal opens up sideways. Maybe not the most practical, but awesome. Perfect if you’re Daenerys Targaryen and need a place to hold your dragon eggs.

ID: 882164

8. And this snake necklace

It’s like having a boa constrictor about to kill you, but it looks awesome. Made by Leah Aripoch to match the leather outfits.

ID: 882161

9. Chenxi Li dyed rabbit furs in shades of blue.

It was soooooooooo soft. Li was inspired by the ocean.

ID: 882166

10. Here’s the blue fur jacket with matching blue fur pencil skirt

Blue. Fur. Pencil. Skirt.

Randy Brooke / Getty Images
ID: 882826

11. Her collection include this navy blue fur dress with a leather sailor/hot dog vendor cap

This hat was seriously amazing.

Randy Brooke / Getty Images
ID: 882354

12. This design team, wearing all black, of course, made brightly colored woven and knit separates made from vintage Welsh blankets

Janine M. Villa (right) had discovered blankets from Wales in the ’60s had amazing colors and designs, and bought a slew of them online to use as fabric for blazers, coats, and separates. Amanda Nervig (left) knitted chunky vests and accessories to match the blankets that included plastic and metal knitted into the fabric.

ID: 882160

13. This teddy boy long jacket made from vintage blankets was the best piece of their collection:

ID: 882159

14. Which looked amazing paired with more patterned knits

Randy Brooke / Getty Images
ID: 882341

15. Hot pink leggings with orange beads. People literally gasped when it came down the runway and the beads shook.

ID: 882169

16. Giant eyeballs on the shoulders? Let’s do it.

The hot pink collection is from designer Heather Marie Scholl. It was playful and fun and weird. Quilted hot pink hot pants? Alright.

Randy Brooke / Getty Images
ID: 882821

17. Hot pick sequin codpiece? Sure!

This slinky feminine dress included a bulging padded codpiece that looks likes little boy’s underwear. Some guy in the front row wearing a Peter Pan hat and a giant green yeti fur coat rolled his eyes, as if he doesn’t approve of ridiculous dressing.

Randy Brooke / Getty Images
ID: 882339

18. The crowd ooohed and aaahed over this coat from Qian Xie

Seriously. Imagine getting a hug from someone wearing this. Oh, and the pants are cashmere.

Randy Brooke / Getty Images
ID: 882347

19. Congrats to the graduating class at the Academy of Art University!!

ID: 888854

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