41 Arguments Why Newspapers Should Never Die

Because they’re the funniest things ever.

1. Because of these headline writers:

ID: 1229947

6. Because of the intrepid work of these photo caption editors:

ID: 1229903

8. Because they bring you the hard-hitting facts:

ID: 1230046

11. Because the New York Times made this honest correction about My Little Pony characters:

ID: 1227673

12. As well as this very important correction about Benghazi:

ID: 1227795

13. Because they’ll make corrections about Star Trek lore:

ID: 1228915

14. And Lord of the Rings

ID: 1229315

15. And Star Wars

ID: 1229004

16. And their overall integrity in making corrections:

ID: 1228485

23. Because of the important local crime stories:

ID: 1230001

30. Because of the layout editors who placed these stories next to each other:

ID: 1229981

33. Because of this art director:

ID: 1229944

34. And the sports editors who have their own terminology for North and South Korea:

ID: 1229953

35. Because sometimes the Obit editor needed a vacation:

ID: 1229957

36. And lastly, because of their very crucial advertisements:

ID: 1229958

Thanks to Poynter’s Regret the Error column for some of the delightful corrections, as well as Reddit’s /r/funny for many of these images. Vive journalism.

ID: 1227974

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