Are You Sure That’s A Baby In There?

These ultrasounds sure look like something other than a human baby.

1. Dobby the House Elf from “Harry Potter”

ID: 320612

2. Boba Fett

ID: 320616

3. A Woodpecker

ID: 320618

4. Alien Workshop Skateboard Sticker

ID: 320620

5. Venom from Spider-Man

ID: 320624

6. Skeletal Ghost of a Pirate with one Earring

ID: 320622

7. Scared man (in a testicle ultrasound)

ID: 320629

8. Big Horn Sheep

ID: 320638

9. Scary Evil Skull

ID: 320639

10. Ichigo Mask from the Anime Cartoon “Bleach”

ID: 320649

11. Thundercats Logo

ID: 320658

12. Madonna (the Singer, not the Virgin) Yawning

ID: 320667

13. One of The Silents from “Doctor Who”

ID: 320680

14. A Clear Sign of How Much Your Phone Bill Will Go Up in 14 Years

ID: 320702

16. A Naughty Teenager

ID: 320721

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