13 Tips To Help You Stop Procrastinating

Having trouble focusing? Just follow these 13 tips and you’ll be a master of time-management in no time!

1. 1. Do NOT Spend Time Looking for the Cat in this Photo (He’s There, Though)

ID: 208619

2. 2. Only Watch Half of This Video of a Slow Loris Being Tickled

No matter how badly you want to, stop yourself from watching this halfway through. This will require the resolve and discipline of a monk.

ID: 208746

3. 3. Do NOT Play the Cat Trap Game

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ID: 211203

4. 4. Watch This Condensed Version of the Ninja Cat

A whole 20 seconds have been edited out, saving you precious time to get your work done!

ID: 209287

9. 6. Do NOT Watch this Video of Foxes Jumping on a Trampoline

ID: 208987

10. 8. Do NOT Google Your 7th Grade Crush

Don’t look on Facebook, don’t Google his/her name, don’t. I’ll save you the trouble: he/she is ugly and/or married now.

ID: 209014

11. 9. Stop Looking at these Dogs in Costumes

ID: 209111

16. 10. Do NOT Watch All 7 Parts of this Hilariously Crazy Review of “The Phantom Menace”

Ok, maybe just watch the first one.

ID: 211226

17. 11. Stop Wondering “What’s Up with Bronies?”

ID: 209401

Just let it go. Breathe. Don’t think about it.

ID: 209395

19. ….and Definitely Don’t Start Reading the “Brony Confessions” Tumblr

ID: 211411

20. 12. Stop Looking for the Photobomber in these Photos

ID: 209421

29. 13. Resist the Urge to Get a Snack from the Fridge

ID: 210874

Seriously. I know you’re getting up to go to the fridge. But you’ve got so much work to do!

ID: 210908

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