17 Problems Only People With Dyed Hair Have

I guess my skin just is blue now.

1. The major decision paralysis that strikes when you decide to try something new.

Can I do it all at once?????

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2. Becoming a master in a very specific kind of chemistry.

ID: 3422273

3. Leaving the bath tub looking like this.

ID: 3422096

4. Or, if you’re a redhead, leaving it looking like a crime scene.

ID: 3422062

5. Waking up on pillows that look like those of a Troll Doll.

ID: 3422196

6. Having to look like a Little House on the Prairie-era woman when you shower.

ID: 3422115

7. Or, risking looking like this when you come out.

ID: 3422361

8. Having to think on your feet if you’re caught in the rain.

ID: 3422374

9. Wondering what you could buy with the money you spend on your hair.

ID: 3422322

10. Knowing the box results will never look as awesomely bright as their pictures.

ID: 3422298

11. Running out of gloves and being like, “It’ll probably be fine.”

ID: 3422228

12. Realizing that you can no longer scratch your head without consequences.

ID: 3422291

13. The unparalleled joy you get from Day 1 of your new color.

ID: 3422242

14. And knowing it will inevitably fade.

ID: 3422267

15. Being unable to muster the patience required for the growing-out process.

ID: 3422222

16. Deciding to throw more hair dye at the problem.

ID: 3422438

17. And starting the process all over again.

Because it’s just too much fun to stop now.

ID: 3422473

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