What Happens When You Travel With Your Significant Other

A story of love, in transit, told in .gifs.

1. When you first start talking about taking a trip

ID: 1468771

2. In embarrassing situations you can pretend you don’t know them

ID: 1468733

3. Shared adventure stories to tell to all your friends and family

ID: 1468789

4. When you get lost/hangry/robbed/confused/jetlagged you still have each other

ID: 1468816

5. Your boyfriend will see you without any makeup on

ID: 1468860

6. In times of need your secret talents may come out

ID: 1468908

7. A five hour car ride is like…

ID: 1469020

8. Everything you do together is romantic

ID: 1469057

9. You have even cooler and more interesting inside jokes

ID: 1469075

10. There’s no longer any use trying to cover up your flatulence

ID: 1469267

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