23 Recurring Themes In Every Beauty Commercial

Easy, breezy, banal.

1. The celebrity endorsement’s dramatic entrance.


ID: 3525512



*Eva Longoria turning around in a swivel chair*

ID: 3525542

Or if you’re Kate Moss, on a motorcycle that you’re not even driving.

ID: 3507770

2. Or you catch the celeb just livin’ her life doin’ what she does. #candid

Just drinking some pre-performance tea.

ID: 3505549

Oh, didn’t see you there.

Just doing some vocal warm ups with my L’Oreal Infallible lip color.

ID: 3505532

3. Something *relatable*.



“Eight hours of sleep is great…when you can get it.”

Amirite, ladies?

ID: 3525909

4. Drew Barrymore wearing fingerless gloves.

ID: 3505340

5. Jennifer Garner asking rhetorical questions.

“Why can’t powerful sunscreen feel great on your skin? Actually…it can.”

ID: 3514975

“What if you could shrink your pores, just by washing your face?”

ID: 3515201

“You think you take off all your makeup before bed…but do you really?”

ID: 3515220


ID: 3515229


ID: 3505471

7. Kicking through WORDS.

ID: 3505477

8. Disclaimers in 8 pt. font.

ID: 3505506
Maybelline / Via
ID: 3507402

9. A lot of this:

ID: 3507874

10. Legitimate claims.

ID: 3507622

11. Based on legitimate science.


ID: 3507613

12. ~Science~.


ID: 3507545

13. The actual liquid product.


But under what real-life circumstance would this happen?

ID: 3514940

14. Zero gravity.

ID: 3515339

15. Deriving a very normal amount of pleasure/happiness from applying the product.

L’oreal / Via
ID: 3525436

16. Andie MacDowell having very glossy hair.

L’oreal / Via
ID: 3525594

17. Hayden Panettiere perfectly throwing water on her face.

ID: 3515378


ID: 3525397

18. Taylor Swift being ethereal.

ID: 3507231

19. Taylor Swift being uncomfortably sassy.

ID: 3507351

20. Tying hair into knots to prove something.

Garnier Fructis,

ID: 3526055

21. That annoying Garnier Fructis “woot woot” background music that is actually sampled from this song:

ID: 3526066

22. Brand taglines.

Garnier Fructis,


*whispered Garnier*

ID: 3526131

Because you’re worth it.



Don’t tell me what I am, cheekbone-brandishing models.

ID: 3526168

Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s Maybelline.



Pretty sure that if you’re born with caked-on shimmer eyeshadow, that is a problem.

ID: 3526252

And finally…

ID: 3507880

23. Celine Dion on a swing.

ID: 3526285

A swing attached to nothing.

ID: 3508155

The end.

ID: 3525916

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