23 Recurring Themes In Every Beauty Commercial

Easy, breezy, banal.

1. The celebrity endorsement’s dramatic entrance.





*Eva Longoria turning around in a swivel chair*

Or if you’re Kate Moss, on a motorcycle that you’re not even driving.


2. Or you catch the celeb just livin’ her life doin’ what she does. #candid

Just drinking some pre-performance tea.

Oh, didn’t see you there.

Just doing some vocal warm ups with my L’Oreal Infallible lip color.

3. Something *relatable*.



“Eight hours of sleep is great…when you can get it.”

Amirite, ladies?

4. Drew Barrymore wearing fingerless gloves.

5. Jennifer Garner asking rhetorical questions.

“Why can’t powerful sunscreen feel great on your skin? Actually…it can.”

“What if you could shrink your pores, just by washing your face?”

“You think you take off all your makeup before bed…but do you really?”


7. Kicking through WORDS.

8. Disclaimers in 8 pt. font.

9. A lot of this:


10. Legitimate claims.

11. Based on legitimate science.



12. ~Science~.



13. The actual liquid product.


But under what real-life circumstance would this happen?

14. Zero gravity.


15. Deriving a very normal amount of pleasure/happiness from applying the product.

L’oreal / Via

16. Andie MacDowell having very glossy hair.

L’oreal / Via

17. Hayden Panettiere perfectly throwing water on her face.




18. Taylor Swift being ethereal.


19. Taylor Swift being uncomfortably sassy.


20. Tying hair into knots to prove something.

Garnier Fructis,


21. That annoying Garnier Fructis “woot woot” background music that is actually sampled from this song:

22. Brand taglines.

Garnier Fructis,


*whispered Garnier*

Because you’re worth it.



Don’t tell me what I am, cheekbone-brandishing models.

Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s Maybelline.



Pretty sure that if you’re born with caked-on shimmer eyeshadow, that is a problem.

And finally…

23. Celine Dion on a swing.


A swing attached to nothing.


The end.


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