39 Unbelievably Radiant Pictures Of Lauren Bacall

Always and forever a stylish gem.

1. Her signature scarf.

ID: 3583868

2. The patron saint of lady blazers.

From To Have and Have Not, 1944.

ID: 3583919

3. The iconic side part.

ID: 3583916

4. Showing some ‘tude.

ID: 3583921

5. Strong shoulders for a strong woman.

ID: 3583915

6. Working the blazer, as always.

Bacall went along with her husband, Humphrey Bogart, and his costar Katherine Hepburn(far left) for the filming of The African Queen, 1950.

ID: 3583964

7. Laughing at you because she can pull off high-waisted plaid trousers.


ID: 3583881

8. Pioneer of the power brow.

ID: 3583943

9. In deep contemplation.

LIFE magazine, 1944.

ID: 3583953

10. The pleated trousers. The blouson shirt. THE POWER STANCE.

Promotional picture for The Big Sleep, which she starred in with her husband, Humphrey Bogart, 1946.

ID: 3583980

11. Quick frankly working the beret out of that beret.

ID: 3583985

12. Because every day is a good day for a blazer when you’re Lauren Bacall.

Arriving in NY to protest the House Un-American Activities Committee, 1947.

ID: 3583994

Cropped coordinates and ping-pong with the hubby.

ID: 3584125

14. Quintessential ’50s circle dress.

The Ed Sullivan Show, 1956.

ID: 3583998

15. Her shoulders put Humphrey’s to shame, tbh.

ID: 3584024

16. Casually covered in flowers.

Promotional material for The Big Sleep, 1946.

ID: 3583972

17. Lauren and Humphrey in matching earth tones.

ID: 3584260

18. The pants. THE DOG.

In their home, 1945.

ID: 3584288

19. Cosby sweater that predates Bill Cosby.

London, 1951

ID: 3584102

20. Absolutely OWNING this striped frock.

Filming To Have and Have Not, 1944.

ID: 3584700

21. Sailin’ on Bogart’s boat, Santana.

ID: 3584350

22. A floral cutout ensemble that you know you would wear today.

Modeling in 1945.

ID: 3584550

23. Not giving an F in her rolled pants.

ID: 3584378

24. Drying Humphrey off.

ID: 3584382

25. Mailman shorts because she could.

ID: 3584526

26. Cat Eye shades.

On the set of The African Queen, 1951.

ID: 3584347

27. True love= matching outfits.

Lauren and Humphrey on the set of Key Largo , 1948.

ID: 3584435

28. Lauren and Humphrey with their son, Stephen.

ID: 3584339

29. Could rock menswear AND Hollywood glam.

ID: 3583894

30. A vision in white.

ID: 3584489

31. Little black dress.

ID: 3584500

32. Poolside and PERFECT.

ID: 3585037

33. And of course she also had unbelievably radiant friends.

With Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe while filming How to Marry a Millionaire, 1952.

ID: 3586504

34. Round wayfarers.

ID: 3584546

35. Mother daughter scarves.

Lauren Bacall and Leslie Bogart, 1968.

ID: 3584947

36. STILL unbelievably radiant in 1996.

ID: 3584924

37. The blazer that kept on giving .

Columbia Pictures / Via

From Misery, 1990.

ID: 3584990

39. The scarf.

ID: 3585519


ID: 3584767

Lauren, blazers will never be the same without you. You will be missed greatly.


ID: 3585071

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